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List of Canadian retailers that accept Amex chip and PIN Sometimes it seems like even swiping after the fact doesn't allow the transaction to proceed. This is because many readers need updated software to function well with Amex chip and PIN, which are still something relatively new.

Places that ONLY accept Amex - myFICO® Forums - 1255119 Places that ONLY accept Amex I went to NYC last weekend and we ended up eating at a place that only accepts Amex CCs. Of course, they do not tell you until you've already waited and then are seated. Where can I use my American Express gift card? - Quora Most likely at any place that accepts the American Express card. The AmEx card is not accepted as much as Visa, MasterCard or Discover because it charges the vendor a higher transaction fee to accept . Best solution is to look for the American Express symbol usually displayed with other card symbols on the vendor’s place of business. 350+ online stores that definitely accept AMEX | Note that while some places don't accept American Express, they might accept PayPal, which is a portal that allows you to pay for goods with your credit card.

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Amex Acceptance Play: Brand Pledges to Match Visa and Mastercard Sep 1, 2017 ... Promoting all Amex products, the promotion leads by touting acceptance: “Over 1 million more places in the U.S. started accepting American ... Need workaround for businesses that won't accept AMEX - FlyerTalk ...

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American Express blue card - accepted everywhere? |… I just got an American Express blue card. I was planning for this to be my main credit card. I was wondering if people found that many places don't accept American Express or was it accepted in the large majority of places? Why Isn’t American Express Cards Accepted Most Places? However, American Express cards are not accepted in as many locations as Mastercard or Visa cards, which may lead you to wonder, are they accepted in most places?Since Amex doesn’t generally make money from interest fees, they pass on the fees to retailers in order to generate a profit.

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Nov 28, 2016 ... Do you have an American Express card but are not quite sure where it is accepted? We've got you covered with a tidy list of places that say yes ... Amex Partnership - TheFork AU Now you can easily discover and book restaurants that warmly accept your ... restaurants and be kept in the know on some of the hottest places to eat right now. A list of merchants who accept AMEX in Canada - ... who accept American Express in Canada when I was looking at .... The corporate locations accept AMEX but the franchised locations do not.